Need a little boost in motivation? You’re not alone.

A 2019 Vistaprint study reported that 36% of small business owners experience a lack of motivation several times a year.

The Milestone Motivator app, only in the Shopify App Store, is just the ticket. Merchants can set milestones that keep them excited about their business while simultaneously building customer loyalty. It’s free to download and free to get started, with paid plans that grow with you.

Milestone Motivator is the latest release from Tako Agency. It allows Shopify merchants to set goals for their store relating to overall sales, sales of specific products, and traffic. When goals are reached, merchants can trigger a surprise thank-you email with an unexpected gift or special discount to the customer who helped them cross the finish line.

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Motivation can be a tricky bear to get your arms around. If you can harness it, you can ride it like a rocketship straight to the moon. (Bears in space. Cool.) If you can’t, you get your face eaten,” notes Tako Agency founder, Zlatko Bijelic.

"We hope Milestone Motivator will become another bear-taming tool in the arsenal of merchants everywhere, helping them stay motivated and excited about their businesses...see you on the moon, fam.”

Milestone Motivator is available for free download in the Shopify App Store, and it’s free to get started. 

Here's what an early user had to say: “Seems like most apps are geared towards the technical side of business, and not the harder topics like 'motivation.' I’ve actually never seen anything like this. I love the win-win nature of the model!” - Rob Quintero, CEO of Vida Drops USA.


Download the Milestone Motivator app to your Shopify store or click here for more information.

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