We have never been shy about our love for LitJoy Crate – a company created to share the joy of reading, and invite people to escape into an exciting world of stories. 

There was just one thing prohibiting LitJoy from most effectively facilitating that escape: a fragmented customer portal experience for subscription and non-subscription customers.

Historically, non-subscribers would manage their orders and loyalty points through their plain ol’ Shopify customer account – easy peasy. Subscribers, however, didn’t have it so good. 

Due to Shopify’s subscription limitations (limitations as in, they literally don’t support them natively), LitJoy had to enlist a third party. They chose ReCharge – an excellent selection.

Then the bad news. Employing any third party app meant that subscribers would need to manage two customer accounts: one for one-off purchases and another for their subscription products – neither of which showcased LitJoy’s magically playful brand vision. Much annoy.

Enter: Us. 😎 

One-stop account management was a no-brainer here, so we set out to design and develop a single portal (totally from scratch) that would look and feel exactly the same for all customers, regardless of subscription status, hosted right where the customers are – in Shopify.

The new portal – as well as a fresh custom homepage design, conversion nudges like cross-selling features and an instant add to cart button, and filter customization – yielded some serious results:

  • 41% Increase in AOV
  • 22% Increase in Order Volume
  • 45% Increase in Average Number of Orders Per Customer


Read all about how we joined forces with ReCharge to make magic happen here. 🔮


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