At Tako, we love empowerment through education. That’s literally the reason this blog exists.

For service businesses like ours, this educational outlet  lets us help Shopify entrepreneurs level up their businesses, shares our knowledge as experts, and contributes to the formation of new partnerships along the way.

For merchants – particularly those with complicated, expensive, or highly varied product offerings – customer education is absolutely just as critical. Helping customers choose the right product for them avoids decision fatigue and the Paradox of Choice, and paves the way for a smooth conversion.

Case in point: a dear client of ours, Wicked Edge, sells a variety of knife sharpeners that probably don’t look like any sharpener you’ve seen. Even with a newly stunning and supremely intuitive website (buffs fingernails), we knew that there was more than just UX/UI or page speed plaguing their conversions. 

The number one suspect? Customer confusion.

Top of the line? Absolutely. But like…how does it work? Which one is right for me? 

Luckily we’ve long understood the value of customer education and, consequently, formed a strategic partnership with product quiz purveyor,, years ago. 

We worked together with Wicked Edge to carefully formulate a product recommendation quiz that not only increased their AOV by 61% (thanks to a handy “Add All to Cart” button) and resulted in a 28% boost in gross store revenue , but also provided valuable information about their customer base and integrated neatly with Klaviyo.

Want the full scoop? Check out the case study here.

You can also learn more in-depth about product recommendation quizzes in this post. 

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