In case you haven't noticed, we sort of  have the hots for memberships.

And why in the actual heck wouldn't we? When executed correctly, memberships are the slickest way to bring a recurring billing component to your revenue model, even if subscriptions aren't for you. As Tako CEO, Grace, astutely noted:

"Memberships are easy to implement [and use] because there are several "entry level" structures you can build on down the line. They're also easily understood on the customer side because it's such a standard concept."

That last bit is an important one because it means...<drum roll> ...little to no consumer education required! Love that for you.

We're excited to announce that Grace was invited to appear on ReCharge's podcast, Hit Subscribe, to talk all things memberships, including:

  • Why they're the easiest subscription type to implement
  • How to use them to provide rewards, perks, and/or exclusive products
  • The importance of highlighting why a membership is worth the price of admission
  • What membership models look like for various business verticals

Ready to become a memberships sorcerer? Learn from the pros on Hit Subscribe, now streaming!


Topics: Business, Subscription