Do you think GIFs are funny? If the answer is yes (and why wouldn't it be, you absolute monster) then boooooy have we got something for YOU!

Tako Agency is a team of creators, first and foremost, and in addition to work for our fantastic clients we’re often working on internal projects of our own.

First there was Sparetoolz, the peer-to-peer tool lending app.

Next came the comprehensive af DIY Shopify Admin Guide.

Then came Milestone Motivator, an app for the Shopify App Store.

We’ve got something Twitter-related in the works as well as a rad Chrome Extension app we’re super stoked about, but the latest offering from Team Tako is…

<drum roll, if you please>

Drum Roll


It’s simple, straightforward, and fun. Sign up at, choose up to 3 different categories, and get related GIFs delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly. 

Gif Letter 1

Gif Letter 3

Gif Letter 2

That’s it! It’s completely free, we don’t sell your shit to anyone, and there’s no catch. Just a little bit of happy in your inbox.


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