Tako Agency is a 100% remote team (even pre-pandemic), and we think we’re proof that teleworkers are generally happier and more productive than their office-bound counterparts.

We’re rays of freaking sunshine who strike the perfect balance between hustling to make shit happen for our dearly beloved clients and wearing out the /giphy Slack command.

One of the coolest things about being a remote worker is the ability to trick out your workspace in whatever way you like--and it’s important that you do so! Having a dedicated home office (or “office-type-space,” if you live in a 320-square foot apartment *cough*me*cough*) that calms and inspires you is integral to productivity.

Ahead of the creation of this post, Tako Agency Marketing and Content Director, Grace, posed a question to all of our team members: Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.30.43 PM

Below is the result: a list of Team Tako-approved home office accessories sure to put a jetpack on your work-from-home life.

How to create the perfect home office

Adjustable Sitting/Standing Desk

“When I had to buy a new desk, I wanted a sitting/standing convertible one so I could move around a bit more during the day. Most of them are electronically operated, and while I am lazy and appreciate the simplicity of pressing a button, I didn’t want to deal with the potential of something going wrong. This one uses a crank mechanism to raise and lower, and it’s easy as pie. The white top has held up well to everyday use with no stains or scratches.” - Grace, Marketing + Content Director

Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest (Say that 10 times fast.)

If you have a job that keeps you glued to your computer, your wrists have likely revolted at one time or another, sending angry little pains into your hands and fingers. This mouse pad has a built-in gel wrist pillow, sure to keep your carpals comfy.

iPad Stand

“Aesthetically, this stand creates a better look than just having my iPad sitting on the desk. I also use my iPad as a second screen with my MacBook (via Sidecar), so having the iPad propped up on a stand makes it really feel like a second monitor.” - Z, Founder

Orchid Plant

Our brains just really like to be in nature. That being the case, one of the easiest ways to calm and clear your mental space is to keep floral friends close by.

USB to USB C Adapter

“Thanks to Apple’s annoying habit of doing things just a little differently (and also due to my childishly obstinate brand loyalty), all of my USB cords became basically useless the moment I upgraded my laptop game. This adapter is cheap and stays plugged into my USB C port at all times, allowing me to connect my devices via USB as effortlessly as I always have.” - Emma, Junior Editor

People who work from home are happy

Headphone Stand & Charger

This nifty little gadget mounts directly to your desk and can hold your headphones (or other drape-able items) while simultaneously charging your devices via USB.

Window Bird Feeder

If you’re lucky enough to have a desk positioned in front of a window, this bird feeder is perfect for afternoon brain breaks when it’s all just. too. much. It attaches directly to the outside of the window with suction cups, so all you have to do is stick it up, fill with birdseed, and wait for feathered friends to flock.

Echo Dot

“Most of my colleagues prefer to use Spotify on their computers, but when I’m in the zone, I don’t want to have to break my attention away from what I’m doing to find the tab that my music player is buried in to skip whatever annoying song has come on. Alexa runs my entire house, and that includes my office--I can just snap “ALEXA! Next song!” and she immediately obeys with no further effort from me.” - Grace


Considering that we’re all basically cucumbers with feelings, staying hydrated is critical to staying clear and focused at work. Keeping one of these bad boys at your desk will remind you to drink your water and it’ll keep it cold all day!

Portable Power Bank

“I live in a teeny apartment with a cat that’s a little nutso, so it’s critical to my sanity to get out of the house and work at my fav concept coffee shop, Foxtrot, 2 - 3 days a week. Outlets are sometimes in short supply, so it’s good to have a backup power source for my phone and other small devices. That allows me to avoid using up my computer battery to charge other stuff.” - Emma

The Guac Hoodie

Yes, this is shameless, but it’s our blog and we’ll self-promote if we want to. This super cozy hoodie is the perfect workday companion.

WiFi Repeater

Depending on where your WiFi router is located (and how far away your office is), you might need an extender. Ain’t nobody got time for slow internet speeds. This little doo-dad is easy to set up and it works!

Essential Oil Diffuser

“YES, OKAY, I have a 'fancy' office. But guess what? I am super stoked to come to work every day. I love this diffuser because it’s sleek, efficient, and the multicolored changing lights are oddly soothing to look at when you’re working late into the evening. I typically switch between peppermint oil in the morning and ginger or orange in the afternoon. Plus, I live on the edge of the Mojave Desert (literally, that is my life), so additional humidity is always welcome.” - Grace

Remote work tips

For some remote workers, a home office is a major fixture in the house. For others, it’s as simple as a laptop perched on a TV tray on the couch. Whether you should invest in stocking a home office depends on how long you expect to work from home (permanently or temporarily), how much space you have to work with, and how much you want to spend. 

Make sure you analyze your own work habits first, too. While I like to change up the scenery often during the workweek, Grace functions best with consistency in her workplace...and basically never leaves the house, even pre-COVID.

(Editor’s Note: If you never leave the house, you never have to wear pants. Check and mate, Emma.)

Whatever you decide, hit us up on Twitter @takoagency with your home office must-haves!

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