You’re a savvy Shopify merchant with a bangin’ product. You’ve crossed t’s and dotted i’s on all the eComm do’s and avoided all the don’ts – but you’re still struggling to capture conversions and grow revenue for your store.

eCommerce is a wily beast with a lot of moving parts. If something’s broken, it can be difficult to pinpoint. If there are improvements to be made, how in the heck are you supposed to know where to look first?

Yes, there are hundreds of informative listicles detailing exactly what you’re probably doing wrong. If you’ve made time (lol) to find the bottom of the internet on the subject, done All the Things™️, and still aren’t seeing the results you want (or if you haven’t done any of that because…no time) – it might be time to call in the experts.

Enter: Tako Agency’s FREE comprehensive opportunity audit.

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What Is an Opportunity Audit?

It’s a deep-dive analysis of your Shopify store that looks at UX/UI, overall customer experience, marketing/conversion/revenue-driving opportunities (both long- and short-term), and a mix of “big picture” ideas for the store as a whole – plus smaller, more quickly achievable wins.

We look under lots of rocks, meticulously hunting for mistakes that could be negatively impacting your shop. We also identify things that might not be broken, but could make your life – and that of your customers – even easier. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Our team of experts, who have collective decades of experience in eCommerce, will also prioritize those action items so you know where to start to get the most bang for your effort buck.

The end result is a value-packed report (ranging from 4 to 14 pages or more) that you can use as a roadmap for store growth.


What Does It Cost, and Why Should I Care?

Our opportunity audits (OAs) won’t just help you uncover errors and identify exciting potential; they’ll also save you countless hours you might spend trying to figure out what to look for in the first place.

We could charge you thousands of dollars for such a thing (though the ROI far outstrips the cost – one of our merchants has grossed $285,000 so far this year thanks to a single recommendation on their OA), but for a limited time we’re offering these audits absolutely free.

“Ah, OK, I get it…it’s free until I have to sign on to let you fix all the stuff you say is broken.”

Nay. Recipients of our opportunity audits are under no obligation to allow us to execute on our recommendations. If you want to DIY it – no hard feelings! (But like…we’d love to be The One. 😍)

Interested? Head on over here to request your audit.

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