Hermes Creative Awards is an annual international competition for creative professionals, administered by the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals (AMCP) – one of the largest, oldest, and most respected evaluators of creative work in the marketing and communication industry.

We were thrilled to be recognized with both Platinum and Gold awards back in 2021 and are equally overjoyed by this year’s accomplishment: Gold awards for every one of the three entries we submitted, which include:

Let’s take a peek, shall we? 👀

Website Redesign: Pour More

We totally overhauled Pour More’s website – starting with a move to an Online Store 2.0 optimized theme from Out of the Sandbox, giving the merchant a faster load and a clean, organized, flexible editing experience. Naturally, we couldn’t resist delivering a beautifully elevated homepage experience (designed by Caleb Lai) as well, complete with bespoke illustrations by Denisa

Before / After


The crown jewel of this project, though, was the redesign of their checkout and subscription process.

Before Tako, Pour More’s checkout UX was confusing (at very best) and the visual design of each page was flat and sterile. To get expertly curated spirits into the hands of connoisseurs everywhere, we re-tooled the process from Step 1 and designed a flow that’s user friendly, mobile responsive, and beautifully on brand. 

We’re pleased to report that everyone was thrilled with the elegant, whimsical speakeasy vibes of the new design. See the change for yourself here.

Homepage Redesign: The Official Brand

Although it’s been complete for nearly a year, this project remains a favorite of many of our team members – and it was truly a team effort. CEO and Creative Director, Grace, worked tirelessly with Official and street style-savvy Tako team members to ensure a sharp, modern streetwear site.

Armed with a host of references and a robust wishlist from Official, Hazal Kutlu (Tako Designer) came through with a design that’s fresh, dynamic, and subtly rebellious. Tako developers ran this project into the end zone with brilliantly executed parallax features and animations. (Not easy to get that many special effects onto one page without killing page load speed!) We couldn’t possibly be happier with the end result.

Gif of Official Brand Homepage

Homepage Redesign: Via Citrus

One of our sweetest projects to date. (Sorry.) 

Via Citrus’s Insta-worthy product (and high profile press coverage) deserved more than run-of-the-mill Canva graphics. Enter: Denisa, our resident illustrator. Her supremely juicy illustrations went on to inspire our designer Caleb Lai to create a cheery, organic homepage that still gives us a burst of Vitamin :D every time we visit.

Steal your own sunshine here.

We’re humbled and ecstatic that our commitment to being a design-first agency continues to be recognized and valued.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more incredible work from Tako Agency this year and beyond!

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